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facebook%20evilFacebook recently announced on its developer blog that it will now be "making a user’s address and mobile phone number accessible as part of the User Graph object." In other words, the site will now let third-party applications (think Farmville or that spammy app your friends keep falling for that promises to show them who is stalking them on Facebook) access your contact information.

"Because this is sensitive information," reads the announcement, "[…]permissions must be explicitly granted to your application by the user via our standard permissions dialogs." Take a look at the example permission dialogs box, however, and tell us if you think this is enough.

That we believe they are planning for long as they make authorize user ID via phone number and login via it.

So what they goanna sell out next? Your photo and information on dating site … No wonder if that happened.

We suggest to stop playing games and using Facebook application to stop spreading your information undesired manners. 

Overnight a group of developers hacked the Apple App Store and hacked accounts of iTunes users. Then overnight they spent estimated thousands of innocent users money buying their apps and bringing them up to the top apps in the Books category. The main apps that where purchased by hacked accounts were made by MyCompany, Praise Morgan, JINGANG CHIEN, DY Software, X-Asia Media, and Mobido LLC, but we suspect more. The strange thing is that all these companies are not English companies and apps, they are all Russian, Asian, or European and all of their apps happen to be version 1.0 which means they are the first release. They must have planned this on the eve of Independence Day because they must have known that Apple would be celebrating and not working so they wouldn’t expect a cyber attack. Proof: several comments have been posted on some of these apps saying that their accounts have been hacked and hundreds of dollars on their accounts were spent on those apps. Other comments posted by other hacked accounts say things like “very interesting” and “the story good” which are basic phrases and not in good English which means the foreign developers must have hacked the accounts and written these comments but there language skills left a trial. The only source we have on the companies are their websites,,, and Expect these apps to go down before the end of the day because the developers will remove so Apple can’t catch them and they will just wait for Apple to send the payment out. Sources say that the UK app store was unaffected, we figured this since the UK is closer to Asia where they can possibly be caught. The possible the reason they hacked the US app store is that where we expect they live is outside of US jurisdiction. We recommend, if you have been hacked, to call your credit card company or anti-theft insurance company and have them help along with trying to login to the app store and if you get in changing your password. If you aren’t sure if you have been hacked check your recent purchases and change your password. Remember this is not Apple’s fault and they probably have someone on it now.Quote: Someone out there is hacking into people’s itunes accounts. This just happened to me last night. Luckily, my bank is right on top of things like this and did not authorize release of the funds and closed the account. Keep a watchful eye and change your account information…often!

Other people weren’t as fortunate

Quote: Some unknown person has hacked into my account and purchased almost $200 of these Conan and Vien Ngoc Rong apps. I managed to stop the downloads before any of them were even started. I have my bank and itunes investigating this, and if there is anyway on refunding my money that would be great since I was just laid off and that was my last paycheck.